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    Detoxen's MPF Application



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    Detoxen's MPF Application

    Post by Detoxen on Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:02 pm

    OOC Information:

    Steam Name: [EXO] Detoxen

    Steam ID:

    What country do you live in: 'Murica (America)

    How old are you:14

    What is your time zone (USE GMT + or -): EST (GMT - 4)

    What do you think we expect from you in the MPF (OOCly):

    Any roleplay experience in the MPF from previous servers, if so, what ranks?: All the way to DvL (I'm not counting servers I was CMD on since I was an SA on them)

    What has been your favorite RP scenario on our server?: There have been many role play scenarios I favor on RAD. The most memorable was infiltrating Red Hand with agent Zeta.

    Give a roleplay example between a group of MPF members:
    APEX(05): /radio Units is 10-8, standing by
    JURY(DvL): /radio Unit, clamp on the slums hardpoint
    APEX(05): Copy that, Unit is Inbound
    UNION(03): /visorbackup UCH, multiple hostiles heavily armed, need assistance  JURY(DvL): /radio Inbound!
    **The APEX remains at the hardpoint following orders

    Give a roleplay example between a MPF member and an anti-citizen:
    (Ac=Anti-Citizen AP=APEX)
    **An AC can be seen running across the catwalks
    AP:/radio There's a citizen in a restricted area, awaiting orders
    DvL: /radio Do not engage, backup team is inbound,
    AP: Copy that
    **The AC stops and turns
    AC:/me lifts his gun aiming in toward the MPF firing off a few shots
    ** AC Rolls 50 AP Rolls 78
    AP: /me "Shit" rolls into cover
    **The bullets whizz by the AP
    AP: 11-99, armed hostile, catwalks
    AC:/me fires more shots at the CP's cover
    **The backup team arrives,however the AC is on a run
    AP:Sir, what do I do
    DvL: Patrol!
    AP:/me nods and radios in his patrol status

    Do you agree that if you are told to stop playing as your MPF character when told, and move to citizen or vice versa, you must do it or you will be un-whitelisted?(When you agree, it means you agree without question): Yes.

    Do you understand that the MPF is a disciplined organisation and it will require you to remain mature and disciplined OOCly and ICly while flagged up on the MPF?: Yes.

    Do you understand that the MPF follows a chain of command and will require all units to obey their superiors (includes admins) OOCly and ICly while flagged up and strictly follow the chain of command?:Yes

    What is your character's backstory (3 Paragraphs minimum): Jonathan Lane, born September 1st, 1982, was a bright young child... which lead to massive amounts of bullying towards him....his childhood was a drag school passed in mere seconds and life had seemed worthless. As soon as Jonathan left to find his own path he had some faith
    This was until he learned his father was killed during a bombing.. this plunged Jonathan back into depression. Seeing nothing in life he sough the only path... revenge.Jonathan joined the army and assisted in vehicle construction alongside another intelligent engineers. Together they made the greatest tactical rovers,drones, tanks, and much more. Finally Jonathan had found light..
        But suddenly, everything came crashing down.... the seven hour war struck society plunged into survival of the fittest and sadly Jonathans love was not one of the fittest.Jonathan then vowed to avenge his love by ridding the world of the scum who committed the horrid crime, anti-civil society... and so you now see the bright man writing these very words onto a pamphlet clenching his pencil in pain every waking moment. That is the story of Jonathan Lane

    How long have you been playing on serious RP servers?: Approaching two years now!

    How long have you been playing on OUR server: two weeks+

    IC Information:

    Name: Jonathan Vance
    Age: Thirty-Four
    Gender: Male
    Hair Colour: Dark Black
    Weight: 230 lbs
    Height: 6'2"
    Eye Colour: Dark Green
    Ethnicity(Skin Colour): White
    Distinguishable Features(Scars etc...): A wrench tattoo on his left wrist and multiple scar scattered around his body

    Have you ever been arrested by the MPF? If so, why?: No.

    Explain your reason for joining the MPF: The MPF are the protectors of our benefactor's goals.. I wish to also help protect our self redemption

    What do you expect to gain from joining the MPF?: The joy of ridding anti-civil citizens as well as keeping the world stable

    What are your strong points?(Experiences): Mechanics,Robotics,Programming,Handy Work

    What are your weak points? Depressed at times, non-coperative
    Noobish Alworkshop
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    Re: Detoxen's MPF Application

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:11 pm

    You'd make a good MPF but the app wasn't great.

    General cupcake

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    Re: Detoxen's MPF Application

    Post by General cupcake on Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:56 pm

    I would like to see him on the streets, but the app was not good, but I know you can do better.

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    Re: Detoxen's MPF Application

    Post by awsome301 on Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:34 pm

    Please put more effort into your posts please and we will go from there

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    Re: Detoxen's MPF Application

    Post by General cupcake on Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:54 pm

    Sorry I will try.

    General cupcake

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    Re: Detoxen's MPF Application

    Post by General cupcake on Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:08 pm

    Um I made a MPF application awesome301 can you check it out?

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    Re: Detoxen's MPF Application

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